Health Care Is Not A Right

Free Markets are Good Medicine

There is an unstated context behind the health care debate. Those who prefer government management of medicine have a wider agenda: they hate the idea of a free market in medicine because they hate the idea of free markets in anything. Of course, an actual free market...
Health Care Is Not A Right

The Government Boot on Your Doctor's Neck

We live in an age when the secretary of the Interior and the White House press secretary proudly and publicly proclaim that they will keep their “boot on the neck” of an oil company. This new manifestation of “hope” and “change” is...
Health Care Is Not A Right

Universal Health Care Freedom on the Fourth of July

“Universal Health Care” is the increasing drumbeat of advocates who want Americans to place all responsibility for their health care in the hands of government. They say health care needs require us to put aside such considerations as personal choice and...

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