Hatred of Western Civilization: Why Terrorists Attacked America

The late Dr. John Lewis read this statement to his class on September 12, 2001 — the day after America was attacked by Islamic Jihadists. His words are all the more relevant today.

The Great Cloud of Disrepute

The top players who made the pandemic response happen are gradually being taken out of power and being replaced by people who believe the exact same things as their predecessors. And they have every stated intention of doing it all again, under whatever pretext. The great calamity is now the template for the future. 

Julian Assange and the War Against You

The torture that Julian Assange has endured is not just an attack on his rights of free expression and journalism; it is an assault on your right to be an informed citizen.  The Biden administration looks to jail Assange for life because he exposed international crimes and corruption to the public for free.

How To Advocate for Capitalism

Although it takes courage to challenge the majority view, advocates of capitalism need only two fundamentals in their arsenal: claiming the moral high ground and defining capitalism by essentials.

20 Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns

Both right and left betrayed their ideals. The right abandoned its affections for limited government, free enterprise, and the rule of law. And the left turned against its traditional stand for civil liberties, equal freedoms, and free speech.

Capitalism: Egoism For All

It is revealing that capitalists are condemned for being egoistic, but customers and employees are not, even though they all look to profit in their own way.

Taylor Swift, Turn Your Wrath to Government!

If musicians and concertgoers are upset by the so-called “deceptive” practices of a “monopoly” like Ticketmaster and want the government to do something, they actually may want to redirect their attention towards another entity with monopoly power that also attempts to hide fees. That entity is … the government.

If Only Someone Made the Moral Case for Capitalism

If only we had a thinker who could portray (again, in a best-selling book, later made available for free) what benevolence, respect, and happiness could be achieved when people come to live as free, moral equals, swearing by their life and love of it to “never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

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