Capitalism: Egoism For All

It is revealing that capitalists are condemned for being egoistic, but customers and employees are not, even though they all look to profit in their own way.

Memorial Day: What We Owe Our Soldiers

To send soldiers into war without a clear self-defense purpose, and without providing them every possible protection, is a betrayal of their valor and a violation of their rights.

Taylor Swift, Turn Your Wrath to Government!

If musicians and concertgoers are upset by the so-called “deceptive” practices of a “monopoly” like Ticketmaster and want the government to do something, they actually may want to redirect their attention towards another entity with monopoly power that also attempts to hide fees. That entity is … the government.

If Only Someone Made the Moral Case for Capitalism

If only we had a thinker who could portray (again, in a best-selling book, later made available for free) what benevolence, respect, and happiness could be achieved when people come to live as free, moral equals, swearing by their life and love of it to “never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

The Goal of Socialism

Socialism is a doctrine based at root not on love for the poor but on hatred for the creators, meaning anyone who makes money.

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