Nothing Less Than Victory

Nothing Less than Victory provocatively shows that aggressive, strategic military offenses can win wars and establish lasting peace, while defensive maneuvers have often led to prolonged carnage, indecision, and stalemate.

The Way Out of the Social Security Mess

A plan to shut down Social Security without cutting benefits to existing retirees or raising payroll taxes on existing workers, leaving everyone better off.

The Deadly Climate Obsession of Governments

Governments everywhere have been undermining productive work, driven by a destructive climate change ideology that has developed into an obsession: stopping greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, despite human suffering.

Defending the Free Market

We can’t predict what solutions and innovations that free individuals will discover. However, we do know that free individuals, and only free individuals, can and do find solutions and innovations.

Free-Market Medicine

The health-care market has failed to produce high-quality, low-cost medicine for two reasons: consumers are insulated from the cost of medical care by third-party payers, and information on the performance of competing physicians is not available.

Conservatives Abandon Property Rights

Conservatives should remember their past support for property rights. But more importantly, they need to discover what that principle truly means. Until they do so, conservatives will continue to abandon property rights.

A Deeper Dive Into the CDC Reversal

Two years later the CDC has embraced the Great Barrington Declaration rather than doing a “quick and devastating takedown” as Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci called for the day after its release.