Edwin A Locke

Edwin A. Locke is Dean's Professor of Leadership and Motivation Emeritus at the R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. He is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (APS), the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial & Organizational Behavior, and the Academy of Management. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (Society for I/O Psychology), the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Management (OB Division), the J. M. Cattell Award (APS) and the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the Academy of Management. He, with Gary Latham, has spent over 50 years developing Goal Setting Theory, ranked No. 1 in importance among 73 management theories. He has published over 320 chapters, articles, reviews and notes, and has authored or edited 13 books including (w. Kenner) The Selfish Path to Romance, (w. Latham) New Directions in Goal Setting and Task Performance, and The Prime Movers: Traits of the Great Wealth Creators. He is internationally known for his research on motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, and other topics. His website is: EdwinLocke.com

Self-Sacrifice Is Evil, Self-Interest Is Good

Rational self-interest is good, including when used to help others whom you value, but true altruism (as opposed to helping valued others) works against human life and happiness.

Free Will Is No Illusion

Free will is, thus, an axiom of epistemology. It is self-evident to introspection and cannot be refuted without contradiction.

Should The U.S. Have Left Afghanistan?

Military training does not help fundamentalist countries in the absence of value training, and value training could only work if a large portion of the population became pro-reason and thus pro-individual rights.

United Free Nations

The free nations of the world should work together to achieve the highest degree of separation possible between their world and the unfree world.

The Contradiction at The Base of the United Nations

The biggest dictatorships are members of the Security Council and are allowed to veto any proposals they do not like. Further, the worst human rights violators regularly staff the U. N. Human Rights Council—a major farce.

Capitalism: Egoism For All

It is revealing that capitalists are condemned for being egoistic, but customers and employees are not, even though they all look to profit in their own way.

The United States of America and Slavery

The proper evaluation of the United States in relation to slavery is this: ending slavery by fighting and winning the Civil War was a tremendous moral achievement and should be celebrated.

The False Premises Behind “Giving Back”

The implicit motive of the “payback concept” is to help you reduce your feelings of guilt for allegedly unearned personal achievement and pride. But why would you feel such guilt?

Voice of Capitalism

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