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Fear and Loathing: The New Assaults on Merit

To be anti-merit is to be anti-happiness and anti-life. Such people truly belong in the wilderness. They should leave the life-lovers alone. – Edwin A. Locke

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Eulogy for Dad

Teaching was his passion. It was his gift. It was, second only to his family, his greatest love.

Walter E. Williams 1936-2020

Walter Williams (1936-2020) “was my best friend for half a century. There was no one I trusted more or whose integrity I respected more.” – Thomas Sowell

Fatherless Households: A National Crisis

If protesters are truly concerned about the condition of Black and Hispanic urban Americans in particular, why the pathetic silence over the fatherless households, the principal reason for the very conditions they complain about?

If You Are Warm Right Now, Thank Capitalism

Last night the temperature fell 3 degrees an hour. As I write this, it is negative 10 degrees outside. A “once in a generation” polar vortex has swept into the American Midwest from the Arctic. I am lucky to be alive. It would take me just a couple of hours to die...

Self-Made Men (1875)

Fortune may crowd a man’s life with fortunate circumstances and happy opportunities, but they will, as we all know, avail him nothing unless he makes a wise and vigorous use of them.

Fear of Aging

Q: I'm terribly afraid of aging. I'm only in my forties, but I think about it a lot. Is there anything you can do to help? A: You're aging -- we're all aging -- from the minute we're born. Ruminating about something over which you have no control only serves to raise...

Valentine’s Day Reflections

Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate a love you already have. But if it’s a way to make up for your lack of appreciating your love the rest of the year, you better do some thinking.