Biden Administration and the Democrats Fail the Marshmallow Test

The Orwellian “Build Back Better” and “Inflation Reduction Act” plunders from the future to gratify hoped-to-be-Democrat voters now.

An Electoral College Within Each State

Instead of the United States abandoning the Electoral College, state legislatures should take us in exactly the opposite direction. From now on, they should abandon a statewide popular vote for president, and instead either appoint electors directly or implement an Electoral College-type system within each state.

President Biden’s Rule By Executive Decree

President Biden and those around him are attempting to implement through executive order and other means are policies and political positions that many in the society do not share or to which they do not assign the same degree of urgency.

Observations on Today’s Political Situation in the U.S.

The ‘progressive’ left and ‘conservative’ right are two sides of a damaged coin. The two sides have differences, but they also have important elements in common, although these are manifested in somewhat different forms.

Elections and Legitimacy

Elections failed to prevent every recent American commander-in-chief from expanding and exploiting the dictatorial potential of the presidency. 

Why U.S. Election Politics Breeds Divisive Fears and Angers

Michelle Obama’s words imply that if there is to be healing and uniting it means that all those who think the “wrong” way must come over and only think according to the anti-capitalist “progressive” worldview of those on “the left.”  

The Democratic Party Has Turned Against Civilization

No matter who wins the election, what remains of American freedom will be in serious jeopardy. Nevertheless, on just about every issue, Biden and the Democrats are more anti-freedom than Trump and the Republicans.

Why Vote Anti-Democrat This Election

The battle of 2020 is between the alternative of Republican populist-nationalism vs. Democratic racist-nihilism. Nationalism, in its present form, is a mix of deregulatory sugar and populist poison, but nihilism is suicide.

Why To Vote Against Trump

Trump has taken over the Republican Party and stripped it of all vestiges of ideology. Trump is the most anti-ideological, anti-conceptual president in memory.

Donald Trump Deserves Four More Years

Peace and prosperity normally get a president reelected. But for the last four years, our media, Hollywood, academia, and Democrats have acted anything but normal.

Blame Trump?

The question is if our nation can survive the widespread anti-Trump hate.

Ice Cube Gets It — Almost

In a video Cube posted on social media, he wondered what Blacks are getting in return for their virtually unquestioned loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Big Spending Joe Biden

Historically, Democrats moved left during the primaries, and then back toward the center once nominated. Not this time. Biden’s people met with Bernie Sanders’ staff and concocted a grotesque orgy of spending.