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Dollarization in Argentina: A Missed Opportunity

Milei has not dollarized Argentina as promised. Instead, he has chosen a more gradual approach, implementing a series of fiscal and structural reforms that he believes will lay the groundwork for future dollarization. 

Bush Bails out Brazil–and Wall Street

Bush Bails out Brazil–and Wall Street

United Airlines, to stave off bankruptcy, wants $1.8 billion dollars in federal loan guarantees. With the exception of Southwest Airlines, all major airlines now lose money, with United -- one of the highest-cost airlines -- incurring losses of nearly a million...

Creating Poverty in South America

Several years ago, I was invited to deliver a lecture in Porto Alegre, a beautiful city in southern Brazil. Before my lecture, I did a bit of window-shopping and visited a couple of computer supply stores. Everything in the store sold for two and three times the...

A Mexican VISA-Vending Scandal

President Bush signed an immigration reform bill last month that will supposedly make our borders "more secure" and "smart." But "smart" technology can't cure corrupted borders. This new law won't do much good if our own State Department officials are willing to sell...

Brazil’s War on Profit and Lives

Imagine that you are suffering from an incurable disease, which slowly wastes away your body and leads inevitably to death. One day, a scientist working with a pharmaceutical company discovers a drug that vastly increases your chance of survival. Do you: A) offer him...

The IMF in Brazil: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

I'm not sure what's more infuriating: witnessing Brazil's drawn out slow-motion crash and burn after an endless string of stupid policies over the past year; the sudden breakdown in devaluative stupidity; or enduring the lame economic analysis that ensued in the days...

Panama and the Canal: Children of American Imperialism and Socialism

Panama and the Canal: Children of American Imperialism and Socialism

And now at the end of the 20th century, when the world is turning away from socialism and the idea of government planning, has the United States even suggested the privatization of one of its largest socialist enterprises? No. Instead, the U.S. government will completely transfer state ownership of the canal to the Panamanian government in the year 2000. Such is the conduct of the global bulwark of capitalism.

On the Edge of Hyperinflation in Brazil

On the Edge of Hyperinflation in Brazil

Brazil is a vast country, larger than the continental United States. It is rich in resources and human talent (like America, Brazil is a land of immigrants of various backgrounds and nationalities). If left free and unshackled from government intrusion it could easily become an economic giant in the span of one generation.

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