Thomas A. Bowden

Thomas A. Bowden, author of The Enemies of Christopher Columbus, is a  writer for the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, CA. The Institute promotes Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Thomas A. Bowden practices law in Baltimore, Maryland.

Let’s Take Back Columbus Day

Western civilization did not originate slavery, racism, warfare, or disease–but with America as its exemplar, that civilization created the antidotes.

Supreme Court Disappointments

America desperately needs a new generation of judges who understand that their function is not to uphold social opinions but to protect our rights.

What About Private Health Emergencies?

Drug companies should never have to look toward Washington, D.C., bowing and begging for bureaucratic permission to save lives–a million lives, or just one.

The Joy of Football

As half the nation eagerly awaits the kickoff of the Super Bowl, the other half looks on in wonderment at what could be so enthralling about grown men running up and down a field carrying an oblong ball. Football fans who cannot articulate why they feel such passion...

Employee Free Choice Act: Organized Extortion Made Possible by Federal Labor Laws

Congress should not only reject the transparent power grab known as the Employee Free Choice Act, it should start hacking at the root of the complex federal regime that denies free choice in bargaining. That means repealing the Wagner Act, so that labor law can recognize and protect the absolute right of companies and employees to deal with each other on an entirely voluntary basis.

A Proper Public Policy for Dealing with Hurricanes and Other Natural Diasters

The Katrina tragedy and the more recent experience of Hurricane Ike should call into question the so-called safety net composed of government policies that actually encourage people to embrace risks they would otherwise shun–to build in defiance of historically obvious dangers, secure in the knowledge that innocent others will be forced to share the costs when the worst happens.

Before and After Hurricane Katrina: How Government Makes Disasters More Disastrous

In a free market–without tax-paid levees, government disaster relief, or subsidized insurance–anyone who contemplates building or buying property in a high-hazard area will need to face hard facts about the local history of natural disasters, the efficacy and cost of preventive measures, and the availability of insurance.

Your Child Is Not State Property

Education, like nutrition, should be recognized as the exclusive domain of a child’s parents, within legal limits objectively defining child abuse and neglect.

Defining the Right of Self-Defense by Gun

Self-defense was his right, as it is ours. A proper legal system recognizes and protects that right, by permitting private ownership of handguns under appropriate limits.

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