Property Rights in Space

A truly moral justification for property rights in space.

Capitalists on the Moon

Capitalists on the Moon

The essence of Jacobin Magazine’s argument is that it isn’t fair that some get to enjoy things most of us can’t afford. If everyone can’t enjoy luxuries, then nobody should be allowed to. This is an example of what Ayn Rand called “hatred of the good for being the good.”

Privatize Space Exploration

As NASA scrambles to make the July 31 window for the troubled launch of space shuttle Discovery, we should recall the first privately funded manned spacecraft, SpaceShipOne, which over a year ago shattered more than the boundary of outer space: it destroyed forever...

The Intellectual Motor Behind SpaceShipOne

Burt Rutan may be famous for coming up with the ideas for his aircraft literally on paper napkins, but he meticulously assigns them a number. Hence the tiny plaque on SpaceShipOne, lost among the sponsors' logos, which after interpretation reads "Mark 314, Serial...

China War on Space-Based Weapons

August 11, 2003 | | What is China's position on space-based weapons? Considering the gap between what officials in Beijing say and what they do on the issue, it's hard to get a straight answer. But let's look at the facts. For some time now, China has spearheaded an...

Privatize the Space Program

When asked how they would "heal" after the loss of space shuttle Columbia, NASA's engineers responded as one: NASA heals by solving yesterday's problems and launching the next mission. So, indeed, does the American nation. Thus, before the grief had fully faded into...

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