Hatred of Western Civilization: Why Terrorists Attacked America

The late Dr. John Lewis read this statement to his class on September 12, 2001 — the day after America was attacked by Islamic Jihadists. His words are all the more relevant today.

Criticizing Islam and Free Speech

Lynch, who is the Attorney General of the United States, is advancing the idea that not merely actions, but thoughts, ideas and feelings can and must be against the law, and are worthy of prosecution.

“Inciting Violence” with Words

When you take a particular position on abortion, Planned Parenthood, taxes, socialized medicine, or anything at all – from any direction – you are not “poisoning” or “inciting” anyone. You’re simply stating your position. The emotional response and behavioral follow-up (if any) of others is their own responsibility.

A New Yorker Remembers the World Trade Center

As I quickly walked away, I did not want to look back at its towers, battered and bearing the scars of its evil attackers. I do not want to remember the WTC burning or falling, for that was not its essence.

Hatred of Mohammad … Or Love of Liberty?

Freedom of speech; separation of church and state. These are principles to cherish, not to denigrate. The true “haters” out there are the ones who shout the label of “hater” at anyone who dares to take a moment to stand up for them.

What Creates a Terrorist?

Faith over reason; group membership over individual identity; and blind obedience to authority. No matter what form these qualities take—and no matter what the specifics—they are always destructive. Those are the real root causes of terrorism, in Boston and elsewhere.

The Metaphysical Temper Tantrum of Islamic Terrorism

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., says it is time for the U.S. to stop being politically correct and focus its search on radical Islamists in Muslim communities. King tells Politico.com that while most Muslims are not terrorists, the international base for terrorism against...

Hillary Clinton’s Hissy Fit

From forcing Americans into the enslavement of the medical profession, which is being accomplished by the man who defeated her and conferred her current diplomatic status, to leading what may be the worst foreign policy in American history, with major progression toward nuclear weapons by our arch-enemies, Hillary Clinton, despite her facade of competence, is a failure and a fraud in every respect.

Americans Should Stop Being Surprised by Terrorism

Criminals and killers are not morally or psychologically strong. They only act when they see evidence that their intended victims are weak. As with purse-snatchers and serial killers, so too with Islamic fundamentalists who kill American diplomats. For years,...

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