John Maynard Keynes’s Vision of the Future

Keynes’s futuristic vision also entailed a scientifically planned world of human heredity, ordered around a state policy of eugenics.

Designer Babies: The Real X-Men

Soon, some of you will try to make "better babies." Already, people pay labs to examine embryos so they can pick ones with DNA they like. Some screen for gender or eye color. Some screen out certain diseases. So far, they've been limited to selecting genes that exist...

GMO’s: Eat Without Fear

Rising generations will have more food options than ever before. They face less risk of starvation or disease than any humans who have ever lived. Let’s give them science instead of scare stories.

To Ban Cloning Would Be a Moral Abomination

In a huge breakthrough for medical progress, scientists from South Korea have finally created a cloned human embryo and extracted its stem cells--a feat that makes life-saving embryonic stem-cell treatments that much closer to reality. Instead of taking this thrilling...

Cloning is a Pro-Life Technology

Biotechnological progress, long under moral and legal attack, was granted a two-year reprieve last Thursday when the United Nations announced that it is postponing consideration of an international ban on human cloning. Members of that body have been fiercely divided...

Human Cloning: Raelians vs. Reality

Congress is currently working up a list of dreadful penalties for anyone who even attempts human cloning, bandying about threats of 10-year prison terms and ruinous fines. The message to scientists is simple: create new life and you forfeit your own. Facing such...

Cloning In A Free Society?

"Life is creation, not a commodity," says President Bush, defending his view that all cloning should be permanently outlawed. Life is a creation of whom -- and for whose purpose? Do we make our own lives, for our own sakes, or is somebody else doing the making for us?...

Therapeutic Cloning is Pro-Life

On November 25 Advanced Cell Technologies announced the creation of the first cloned human embryo. The company described its achievement as a crucial step in therapeutic cloning research, which aims at cloning new organs to replace damaged ones. Like healthy new skin...

Say No to Federal Funding for Stem-Cell Research

President George W. Bush just approved funding for limited embryonic stem-cell research. And he recently praised the 11-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act. Bad calls. Bush banned federal funds for cloning or for embryonic stem cells created solely for the...

Immoral to Ban Human Cloning

The actual opposition to human cloning springs from something primordial, the fear of the unknown, the fear captured in the catch-phrase: “We can’t play God.” But why can’t we? We can and we must.

Clinton Tries To Take Credit For Celera’s Achievement

Celera’s achievement rendered the government-funded Human Genome Project obsolete. It demonstrated that the public endeavor was a waste of time, money and resources. Yet, Clinton managed not only to save face, but also to share in Celera’s glory and advance the idea that greater government involvement in science is a good thing.

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