If Trump Is ‘Racist,’ He Needs to Go Back to Racism School

Under this “racist” President, black unemployment, since the government began keeping numbers, hit an all-time low in May.

“Single-Payer” Health Care Socialism

People say America has free-market health care, but we don’t, and we haven’t since World War II. Government and government-subsidized insurance companies currently spend most of America’s health dollars.

Skin in the Game: Who Pays Federal Income Taxes

Some 45 percent of American households, nearly 78 million individuals, have no federal income tax obligation.

The Importance of Business Ethics

A new semester, and a new class of business ethics, has begun. In my class, we initially discuss concrete examples of ethical dilemmas in business before delving into the main moral codes and the values and principles they comprise, to learn how they provide guidance...

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