Anti-Socialism Isn’t Pro-Capitalism

The best defense is a good offense; yet many people today still resist capitalism as morally offensive.

George Washington’s Birthday

For many of the politically correct today, it is enough to dismiss George Washington because he was a dead white male.

Legalized Plunder By Congress: An American Way of Life

The only way Congress can give one American $1 is to first take it from another American.

Capitalism: A Dirty Word For College Students

Most students have not been exposed before to the concept of laissez-faire capitalism and the central role the protection of individual rights play in it.

Bogus Gun Research

Last week Rep. Nancy Pelosi warned President Donald Trump that if he declared an "emergency" to build a wall, "think what a president with different values can present... Why don't you declare (the epidemic of gun violence in America) an emergency, Mr. President? I...

The Virginia Blackface Follies

The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young black men is homicide, almost always committed by other young black men. But let’s talk about 35-year-old blackface pictures.


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