Thomas Sowell: From Marxism To The Free-Market

Government programs that are supposed to help minorities end up doing more harm than good.

Deplatforming Trump, “Private Censorship,” and Social Media “Monopolies”: Richard Epstein on Regulating “Big Tech”

There is no reason for government to regulate today’s “dominant” firms — Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon –as if they are true and invincible monopolists.

“Bubbles” and the Grand Selection Mechanism of Financial Markets

Whenever accusations of “bubbles” are thrown about, I think of these extraordinary stories and the grand selection mechanism that is financial markets.



Who is Carl Menger?

Who is Carl Menger?

There are few works in the history of economics that may be truly considered “revolutionary” and “path-breaking,” in its starting premises, its logic, and its implications. But one that is in this category is Carl Menger’s Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftsliche, his Principles of Economics in its English translation, which marks this year the 150th anniversary of its publication in 1871.  




Where is Jack Ma?

Where is Jack Ma?

While we should condemn the Chinese government’s actions, we should also be cautious of rising authoritarian tendencies here at home, whether it’s towards our civil rights or our economic freedom.


The Climate Hustle

The Climate Hustle

Climate change is real. It’s a problem, but I doubt that it’s “an existential threat.” Saying that makes alarmists mad.

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