Europe’s Energy Transition: Fraught with Complications

Biden’s America Mimics Europe’s Goals and Regulatory Actions

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How Lithuania Helped Take Down The Soviet Union

The Lithuanians had been at the vanguard in the movement for freedom in the Soviet Union. They had elected a non-communist government in free elections, had declared their national independence from Soviet rule, and strongly affirmed their intention of reversing a half-century of socialist central planning through privatization and free market reforms.

Europe’s Antitrust Assault on Google

Since people can search through other sources besides Google, it is not at all clear why Google cannot run its own operation for its own benefit, while others run their operations for their own benefit.

France and the UK Could Be the Lynchpins of Europe

Over the past two months, Europe's problems seem to have disappeared from the headlines. However, the new French Socialist government is pushing ahead with policies that favor significantly higher government spending, greater regulation of business and commerce, and...

Germany Loses to Italy, Again

Poll after poll makes it perfectly clear that the German people have no interest in exposing their hard-earned savings to the ravages of unending bailouts and currency debasement.

European Leaders Play With Fire

The world economy today stands at the doorstep of great change. A gathering crisis looms in Europe, splitting the Continent into two competing blocs. While leaders there face off against one another in a high stakes game of chicken, the rest of the world powerlessly...

Bail Out Europe? How About Stopping the Insanity?

Many are saying that the United States should bail out European economies. The rationale is self-interest. “If European economies go under, then the U.S. will go with them.” If the U.S. was not making the same kind of mistakes that European economies have been making,...

Now France Has a Socialist President Too

France now has something in common with the United States: A Socialist President. Welcome to the club, France! Not that this represents a big change. The last president of France was nothing more than a corrupt guardian of that country’s massive entitlement and...

Austerity Fires Voter Vengeance Against Euro

Though there can be little doubt the euro would survive without the Greeks or the Spanish, there is greater doubt of the euro surviving without the Germans solidly behind it. As the world’s second largest reserve currency, the collapse of the euro would precipitate a major international monetary crisis.