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Cuba’s Eternal Revolution Through the Prism of Insurgency, Socialism, and Espionage

Cuba’s Eternal Revolution Through the Prism of Insurgency, Socialism, and Espionage relates much about Cuba’s history that needs to be known, and disabuses readers of the carefully cultivated idea that Cuba has turned into a tropical paradise due to socialism.

Fidel Batista! Fidel Castro Out-Thugs Fulgencio Batista

Over at the Museo de la Revolucion, Fidel Castro's case against the dictator he overthrew 44 years ago is vividly on display. Fulgencio Batista was evil incarnate, the museum earnestly instructs visitors in room after room of the once-magnificent building, formerly a...

Castro’s Reign is an Abomination

Last month, in a heartfelt address, President Bush spoke out in support of a nation suffering under tyranny. He declared that its people are entitled to liberty, democracy, and dignity, and he condemned the dictator "who jails and tortures and exiles his political...

Lift America’s Embargo on Cuba?

When Fidel Castro dies, will Cuba's communist dictatorship die too? Absolutely, says a prominent Western diplomat in Havana. "I believe the whole system will be gone within two or three years after Castro dies." Absolutely not, says Ricardo Alarcon, the powerful...

An America President in Communist Cuba

Two major stories emerged last week regarding Cuba; one story you probably know -- Jimmy Carter was in Cuba -- and the other you probably do not. The contrast represents the complete inversion of what really matters. An American president in Cuba, current or former,...

Cuba’s Bravest and Best

HAVANA -- "There are no banned books in Cuba," Fidel Castro declared in February 1998, "only those which we have no money to buy." Of course, books *are* banned in Cuba; just try to locate one that criticizes Castro. Bookstores and public libraries here carry works...

Cuba on No Dollars a Day

"This is the real Havana," Miguel said as we turned from Avenida Simon Bolivar to a gritty side street cratered with potholes. "Here you see how Cubans live. Tourists don't come to *this* street." Well, they might if they were simply walking around, as I had been when...

Fidel Castro: The Charmer and the Torturer

A gaggle of gullible women from Seattle flew to Havana last week to meet with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. They found him "charming" and "eloquent." They were especially flattered that Castro -- the head of one of the world's most repressive regimes, listed by the...

Liberty for Cuba

"Our goal is not to have an embargo against Cuba; it is freedom in Cuba." Thus spake President Bush last month, at a White House ceremony marking the 99th anniversary of Cuban independence. "The sanctions our Government enforces against the Castro regime are not just...

Torture in Castro’s Cuba

Torture in Castro’s Cuba

“I recall when they kept me in a punishment cell, naked, with several fractures on one leg which never received medical care; today, those bones remain jammed up together and displaced. One of the regular drills among the guards was to stand on the steel mesh ceiling and throw at my face buckets full of urine and excrement.” – Armando Valladares’, Chief of the US Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights’ Commission, 1988

Elian Should Stay Free in America

Elian Should Stay Free in America

“If the courts send Elian back to Cuba, it will be a slap in the face to every American living or dead — a repudiation of the very principles upon which this country was founded,” she said.

A Firsthand Account Of Child Abuse, Castro Style

A Firsthand Account Of Child Abuse, Castro Style

I was in solitary confinement in Fidel Castro’s tropical gulag — where I spent 22 years for refusing to pledge allegiance to the Communist regime — when I heard a child’s voice whimpering. “Get me out of here! Get me out of here! I want to see my mommy!”

Ayn Rand Heir Asserts Elian’s Right to Remain in U.S.

Ayn Rand Heir Asserts Elian’s Right to Remain in U.S.

“The liberals want Elián returned to Cuba, because they regard the difference between the United States and Cuba as ‘merely a difference of political opinion,’ merely a matter of ‘how you define freedom.’ In other words, as statists themselves, they see nothing objectively wrong with Cuba.

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