Roundabouts Are Better

I hate waiting at traffic lights. There’s a solution: traffic circles, or roundabouts.

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U.N. Plan for Internet Control Tiptoes Forward

The phantom of government-controlled Internet has raised its menacing head again, this time on the global level. "Even the definition of what we mean by Internet governance is a subject of debate. But the world has a common interest in ensuring the security and...

Ban Internet Taxes? The Taxman Clicketh

One of Feulner's Laws of Public Policy reads: "There are no permanent victories in Washington." These days, we're seeing that law borne out over Internet taxation.This looked settled years ago. Congress has voted twice--in 1998 and 2001--to ban any taxes on Internet...

Americans with Disabilities Act vs. The Internet

Common sense may seem in short supply in today's litigation-happy world, but it got a boost recently from -- of all places -- Florida, where a federal judge tossed out a lawsuit claiming that Southwest Airlines' Web site violated the Americans with Disabilities Act....

No Internet Taxes

Q. Says here a lot of governors are upset about Internet scofflaws not paying the taxes they owe. Who are these bums? A. Well, there's Governor Leavitt of Utah, Governor Engler of Mich-- Q. No, not the governors! I meant who are the bums who aren't paying their taxes?...

Pirates of the Internet

For years, lawyers representing Silicon Valley were rightly emphasizing the importance of intellectual property rights.Such rights were the major issue in the final Uraguay round of GATT meetings. At that time, trade negotiators warned that American companies and...

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