The Global Energy Crisis: How to Avert a Human Catastrophe

Contrary to the dominant narrative, abandoning fossil fuels would turn the global energy crisis into a true human catastrophe.

Defending Oil Pipelines: The Invalid Concept of ‘Social License’

As appeasement and pursuit of ‘social license’ is futile, other oil and pipeline executives should follow Girling’s example and defend their companies on moral grounds for the great value they provide. Governments, for their part, should cease their welfare-destroying climate change policies and focus on protecting individual rights instead.

Corporations and Climate Change Salvation

Is the premise that catastrophic man-made climate change is happening and that corporations, particularly those involved in producing fossil fuels, are largely culpable, valid?

“Green Oil”

Despite the increased use of fossil fuels, toxic pollution has already decreased significantly, and the availability of clean water has increased—thanks to human ingenuity and innovation.

Obama Oil Tax Will Increase Gas Prices

Obama and environmentalists have it in for fossil fuels because they are, overwhelmingly, the form of energy that lifts millions out of poverty and sustains lives longer and healthier than any before.

In Defense of Pipelines, Oil and Energy Producers

Most people in industrialized countries take the availability of such energy for granted: we turn on a switch, and the power is there, for heating, cooling, lighting, manufacturing, transportation, and for any other human purpose.

Fossil Fuels Contribute to a Better Life

Alex Epstein’s book “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” documents the rapidly shrinking number of human beings killed by storms, floods and other climate events thanks largely to ever-growing industry, fueled mainly by oil, natural gas and coal.

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels (Video)

Mankind’s use of fossil fuels is supremely virtuous — because human life is the standard of value, and because using fossil fuels transforms our environment to make it wonderful for human life.

If For-Profit Oil is Evil, What’s the Alternative?

Controversy is heating up over an Obama administration plan to drastically reduce the amount of federal lands available for oil shale development in the American West. The Bush administration had set aside 1.3 million acres for oil shale and tar sands development in...

Interventions Beget Interventions

It has long been noted that government intervention seldom, if ever, accomplishes the stated purpose. When the failure of some regulation, subsidy, or program becomes clear, legislators respond with further interventions. As an example, consider the solar panel...

Big Oil: Please, Please Let Us Drill

The headline on said it all: “Big Oil’s promise: Let us drill, we’ll hire 1.4 million workers.” The article goes on to say: With job creation taking center stage in American politics, the oil industry Wednesday made a pitch for drilling more widely. With...

Ethics of Energy Companies

Energy companies, particularly those producing fossil fuels—oil, natural gas, coal—are under attack by the environmentalists and their sympathizers in the media. It is one thing to criticize companies such as BP, deservedly, for lax safety procedures or lacking...

No Easy Fix for Gas Prices

This month, as unleaded gasoline prices increased for 17 consecutive days (to a national average of $3.647 per gallon - up 11% thus far this year) and West Texas Intermediate crude joined Brent crude in breaking through a $100 per barrel level, energy prices emerged...

BP Oil Spill: Private Property is the Solution

For this article, let me be brief about the following facts, which are oil and water under the bridge. BP’s off-shore oil leases, like all off-shore oil leases, are leases to use federal property. (Hat tip to this article in The Freeman.) The land and water are...