Business Tax Exemptions and the U.S. Oil Industry

The uniformity-of-profit principle sheds light on the effect of business tax exemptions and their elimination.

The War on Capital — Not Terrorism

Just as they’ve blurred the distinction between legal tax avoidance and illegal tax evasion, OECD officials have tried to blur the distinction between money-laundering and tax havens — even though the latter involves moving illegally-gained money above-ground, from the “underground economy” while tax avoidance involves legally moving legally-made money to jurisdictions with the lowest tax rates.

Patriotism and Tax Havens

What defines a patriot these days? Is it one's dedication to the principles of freedom, or is is it one's willingness to place their life second to the needs of the state. These days, it looks a lot like the latter is the common view. Take for example, the corporate...

The Conservative Left and Tax Cuts

A Fox News liberal-conservative debate the other night was very revealing. The discussion was about tax cuts. The liberal (Mort Kondracke) said that tax cuts "are all about numbers." The conservative (Fred Barnes) was quick to retort, "It's not all about numbers. It's...

Graduated Tax for Medicare Is Immoral

The U.S. Congress has been considering a steep increase in Medicare taxes for higher-income people. A tax that has been flat since its inception in the 1960s is suddenly about to become a graduated tax. If the measure becomes law, the tax for higher-income earners...