Lobbying and Political Power

Lobbyists are not a creation of the free market, but of a mixed economy–an economy with a mixture of freedoms and controls. When government has the power to arbitrarily dictate the actions of individuals, individuals will seek legislation that is favorable to them.

Slavery Reparations Shakedown Lobby

The slavery reparations shakedown lobby is gearing up for attacks on American industry. They’ve failed in the courts and Congress, so they’re going after weak-kneed CEOs. At the NAACP’s recent annual convention, Dennis C. Hayes, its interim...

Limit Lobbying By Cutting Government

In their view, the traditional Washington career path — a stint in government followed by a lucrative job lobbying former colleagues — is inherently corrupt. Both candidates propose restrictions, including limits on the ability of former government...
Enviro-Lobbying 101: Using PC

Enviro-Lobbying 101: Using PC

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes scheming going on in Washington, D.C., as Administration appointees and EPA career bureaucrats plot to circumvent Senate ratification of the Kyoto Accord by classifying carbon dioxide as a pollutant rather than what it is, a...

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