Give Hong Kong Residents a Path to U.S. Citizenship

Hong Kongers would make outstanding Americans if they aren’t already in spirit.

Immigration and The Welfare State

Most immigrants recognize that America is the land of opportunity. If we let enough in, perhaps their number will offset the growing number of the native born who simper that America is the land of entitlement.

Immigration for Republicans

Keith Weiner examines the monstrous injustice of anti-immigration policy and the arguments used to justify it.

Get Ready for Denials on Illegal Immigration

If there is a terrorist attack through our southern border, will Americans allow President Obama, congressional Democrats, the news media and progressives and liberals to deny that their weak border security policy was responsible?

Patrolmen Without Borders

Even as the federal government fails to control the southern border, it sends the Border Patrol farther into the interior, where Americans complain that agents harass people who are already U.S. citizens.

Bordering on Madness

Americans who gather to protest the high-handed way this administration has sneaked illegal immigrants into their communities can expect the race card to be played against them. The time is long overdue to stop being intimidated by such cheap — and dangerous — political tactics.

A Tiger of a Book: The Triple Package

“The Triple Package” is a book that tells us much that we all need to know about America — especially if we want to keep the welfare state ideology from destroying the American Dream.

Loving and Hating America

I’m wondering how the hate-America/blame-America-first crowd might explain the fact that so many people in the world, if they had a chance, would permanently relocate here. Maybe it’s that they haven’t been exposed to enough U.S. university professors.

Abstract Immigrants

Anything we try to do as regards immigration laws has to be done in the context of a huge welfare state that is already a major, inescapable fact of life.

Immigration Gambles: Part II

Whose interests are immigration laws supposed to serve -- and whose interests do current immigration reform proposals actually serve? In order to have any immigration policy serve any purpose, the border must first be secured. Otherwise American immigration policy...

Immigration Gambles

Britain's late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it all when she wrote that the world has "never ceased to be dangerous," but the West has "ceased to be vigilant." Nothing better illustrates her point than the fact that the West has imported vast numbers of people...

Obama’s Kind of Immigrants

If America were a totally free country – with no entitlement state, no “progressive” taxation, no socialized medicine and no Barack Obama issuing extra-Constitutional executive orders by whim and at gunpoint – immigration would not be a threat. In a free country,...

An Interview with an Immigrant

The following interview was conducted with an immigrant from the Philippines and her fiance. Their names are not revealed because their situation has not been resolved. The interview reveals some of the difficulties experienced by those seeking to legally immigrate to...

The Tired, The Poor, and The Huddled Masses

Since 1886, the Statue of Liberty has stood in New York Harbor as a beacon to individuals from around the world seeking the freedom to live their lives as they choose. On the pedestal of the statue is a plaque with the sonnet “The New Colossus”: Not like the brazen...

I was a Farm Worker

It makes no economic sense for an employer to pay $20 an hour for a job that is only worth $10 an hour.

Collectivist Arizona Immigration Law is Anti-Capitalist

Now that the Arizona immigration-control law is at the Supreme Court, it's time to analyze that law. There are two levels: the philosophic level and the level of Constitutional law. Fortunately, they both point to the same conclusion. The philosophical issue is my...

Obama's Kind of Immigrants reports: Illegal immigration costs Arizona $1.6 billion a year – a staggering 19 percent of the state’s budget – Gov. Jan Brewer said in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, adding that the Obama administration is turning a blind eye...

Illegal Immigration: America's Cross to Bear

When it comes to illegal immigration, I disagree with the “round ‘em up, ship ‘em out” folks and am against the new Arizona law for two broad reasons: For one, the so-called “threat” of illegal immigration is illusory when one looks...

Immigration: Why the Debate is Tragically Flawed

In a free country, it's self-evident that there's room for everyone. This is because free people are also, by definition,self-responsible. The only people who need to be kept out of a free country are violent criminals and others who are objective, physical threats....

Immigration and Individual Rights

Every year, millions of people seek to immigrate to the United States, and with good reason: Opportunities to improve their lives abound here. Immigrants and would-be immigrants want to pursue the American dream. Whether or not they would put it in these terms, they...

Illegal Immigration

President Bush and his pro-amnesty allies both in and out of Congress suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the American people. Like any other public controversy, there are vested interests served on both sides of the amnesty issue, but I'd like to raise some...