Blame the Federal Diabetic Assault (FDA) for High Insulin Prices

The insulin pricing problem is a result of the government regulating business.

How Obamacare Intimidates Young Adults

Obamacare is not doing well financially, so more young adults must be coerced into paying excessive insurance premiums to subsidize older participants.

The Entitlement State and America’s Fiscal Crisis: Capitalism vs Socialism

The enemies of capitalism indicted the society of liberty; they distorted the reality of capitalism and its brilliant triumphs in freeing man from poverty; and they imbedded in the minds of many the conception of political entitlements that serve the power ends of political paternalists and which requires the plundering of the peaceful and productive members of society.

Medicare: Socialism’s Sacred Cow

If Republicans really opposed socialism in principle, they’d be willing to take on or at least question the sacred cow of Medicare.

Dependence Day

Independence Day is our most endangered holiday. We should celebrate it while we still can. The entire concept of independence — of autonomous citizens making their own choices in the pursuit of their own happiness — is under attack. The American war for independence...

Make American Medicine American Again

American medical care is still the best. But it will not remain the best if we do not fully restore it now and fight to keep it free from ill treatment caused by government.

The Dangers of Government Medicine

We are all in danger when politicians enforce Big Government Medicine–the primary goal of which is its own health and preservation.