Health Care Is Not A Right

Health Care Is Not A Right

The term “socialized medicine” is never used. Instead we hear demands for “universal,” “mandatory,” “single-payer,” and/or “comprehensive” systems.

The Grand Illusion of Medicare

National Journal online reports: "According to the Congressional Budget Office, which released its new Budget and Economic Outlook report [last week], a 10-year repeal of the growth-rate formula that froze doctors' rates [for Medicare...

Americans Hooked on Medicare Crack

"We are facing a time when we have a group of people led by President Obama, who believes that America's greatness lies in its government, not its people. They want to hook you. They don't want to free you." (former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, now...

Evasions Surrounding Medicare

Happy New Year! 2011 is the first year of phased in "free" health care, thanks to ObamaCare. In this spirit, a recent Associated Press report is worth quoting: "You paid your Medicare taxes all those years and think you deserve your money's worth:...

United States and Canada: A Tale of Two Medicares

In 1997, George Zeliotis, a Quebec citizen, learned that he needed hip-replacement surgery. But his troubles were just beginning.As is standard in Canada for non-emergency surgery, Zeliotis was put on a waiting list behind everyone else in Quebec...

Medicare Expansion Backlash

Republicans think they are so clever, having rammed through a massive expansion of the welfare state by giving drug benefits to the elderly. They co-opted the AARP -- long considered to be in the pocket of the Democrats -- and left the Democrats...

Why Medicare Expansion is Wrong

Why Medicare Expansion is Wrong

Adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare, as Congress is poised to do, is merely more socialism — it will neither help seniors nor is its passage likely to gain their votes.

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