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How The Free World Should Deal with Dictatorships

Dictatorships use their connections to the free world to get unearned respect, steal technology and money, and spread propaganda. The best solution would be to achieve the highest degree of separation possible between the free world and the unfree world.

Obama’s “Jihadist Stimulus Bill”

Obama’s “Jihadist Stimulus Bill”

Republican candidate for president and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said: “If this deal [with Iran] goes through, the Obama administration will become the leading financier of terrorism against America in the world,” adding that he’s “heard this referred to before as the...

A Historic Catastrophe: Obama vs Israel

A Historic Catastrophe: Obama vs Israel

Americans today who say that the only alternative to the Obama administration’s pretense of controlling Iran’s continued movement toward nuclear bombs is war ignore the fact that Israel bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facilities, and Iraq did not declare war. To do so would have risked annihilation.

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President Bush’s “Sensitive” War

President Bush, raising high his mantle of a resolute commander-in-chief, has lambasted John Kerry for promising to fight a "sensitive" war. But no one has asked: what are the facts? Is President Bush himself fighting anything other than a "sensitive" war? From the...

Iranian Nuclear Program: Will Israel Save Us?

The Iranian state is rushing headlong into disaster and I'm not referring to an imminent invasion by the United States. Iran is developing nuclear weapons and is attempting to filibuster international agencies which are attempting to monitor Iranian actions. For the...

George W. Bush’s Unprincipled Foreign Policy Against Taiwan

In yet another presidential disappointment, FoxNews reported that Bush Opposes Taiwan Independence. "We oppose any unilateral decision by either China or Taiwan to change the status quo," Bush told reporters, "and the comments and actions made by the leader of Taiwan"...

Howard Dean’s Anti-American Foreign Policy

Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean has made a number of statements recently that give one a glimpse into the dark, multilateralist, socialist corners of his mind from his view that Bush May Have Been Tipped to 9/11 Attacks, to his apparent lust for...

Will Israel Save Us Again?

The Iranians are on the verge of building nuclear bombs. If this is not stopped, mass death will result. The situation is not entirely without precedent, although the crisis today is immeasurably greater. By 1981 Iraq had a similar program. Had it succeeded, America...

Jimmy Carter and North Korea

This disgraceful moral treason by Carter is, among other things, the Marxist notion that ideology and politics is determined by “the mode of production.”

Facing Down North Korea

when we have agreed to the North Korean’s terms in the past, we only find ourselves facing them again later, stronger, and even more threatening.

Blame Bush’s Unprincipled Foreign Policy

The 900-page Congressional report criticizing the operations of the FBI and CIA in the months prior to the September 11 attacks misses the fundamental point. Whatever incompetence on the intelligence agencies' part, what made September 11 possible was a failure, not...

A Leftist ‘Indictment’ of Communist Cuba

In the opening few lines of Marc Cooper's editorial piece in the LA Weekly, he writes: "Have you ever imagined what it would be like living in a society where, say, a John Ashcroft would be unrestrained by the niceties of constitutional law? Where draconian...

What Will They Think?

The discussion of how we set up a new government in Iraq has been dominated, as has so much during this war, with the question: what will THEY think? "We can't let it look like the new government is our puppet," say the commentators. Why not? It should be our puppet....