Conservatives Are Killing Freedom

What happened to the tax-cutting party of Reagan? It’s tempting to say that conservatism has lost its way. But conservatism never knew where it was going in the first place.

Santorum: The Republican Obama

If Santorum wins the Republican Party nomination, then people who want a limited government will quite literally have no place to go. They must choose between the imposition of liberal religion, or traditional religion. A “choice” between the God of Rick Santorum’s imagination, or the secular God of Barack Obama’s socialist-fascist state.

The Tea Party vs. The Conservatives

The Tea Party vs. The Conservatives

Many people argue that the Troubled Asset Relief Program (known as TARP) is an example of government intervention in the economy being necessary. If government hadn't intervened, the argument goes, the economy wouldn't have stabilized and our...

The Conservative Package Deal

One of the worst mistakes that one can make in about this election is to see the two-parties as standing for a fundamental alternative.The symptom of this is when an opponent of Party A ("don't vote for McCain") is accused of advocating a vote for...

Bad Government Conservatives

Bad Government Conservatives

"Reviving the Hamilton Agenda." That's the headline the New York Times gave David Brooks's recent column honoring Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father perhaps least interested in limiting political power. Unlike his rival Thomas Jefferson,...

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