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Price Controls and the California Blackouts: An Old Problem Returns

The last time so many people were as bedeviled as the people of California are today by electrical blackouts was back in 1979, when motorists in cities across the country were lined up for hours at filling stations, waiting to get gas. Both shortages had the same...

Racism and the Oscars

The attempt to smear winners of this year’s nominations for Academy Awards with “racism” is actually racism itself.

Racial Censorship and the Witch-Hunt Against Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh's comment on ESPN regarding Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Donovan McNabb was: "I don't think he's been that good from the get go. I think what we've had here is a little of social concern from the NFL. The media has been desirous that a black...

Bustamante, MEChA and the Media

Now that Democrat Cruz Bustamante is California's gubernatorial recall front-runner, we can look forward to in-depth media investigations of the Latino candidate's long-held ties to the racial separatist group MEChA, right? Ha. While Katie Couric complains about GOP...

The Academy Awards Rewards Violence

The distinction evaded in the condemnation of Chris Rock’s joke and the apologetics for Will Smith’s act of violence is the difference between speech and physical force.

Socialism-in-Practice Was a Nightmare, Not Utopia

Listening to some in American academia and on social media, you would think that socialism was a bright, new, and shiny idea never tried before that promises a beautiful future of peace, love, and bountifulness for all. It is as if a hundred years of socialism-in-practice in a large number of countries around the world had never happened. 

Where is Jack Ma?

While we should condemn the Chinese government’s actions, we should also be cautious of rising authoritarian tendencies here at home, whether it’s towards our civil rights or our economic freedom.