Trump’s Proposal To Replace The Federal Income Tax with Tariffs

If Trump’s goal is simply to eliminate the federal income tax, then he should advocate for doing that and only that.

The Most Common Error in Economic Debates

The Most Common Error in Economic Debates

Have you ever been in an argument about whether we should raise taxes and then someone tosses out a real whopper? “The top tax rate for decades after World War II was over 90% and look how the economy boomed!” Or perhaps you read a Paul Krugman column where he said...

The Only "Fair" Trade is Free Trade

In a recent defense of what he calls "fair trade," Barack Obama stated that one major purpose of trade agreements is to ensure that American products are made at home -- not bought from other countries. No such thing is true. The purpose of any trade agreement should...

Free Trade versus Protectionism

There's a growing anti-trade sentiment in our country. Much of the dialogue is grossly misinformed. Let's try to untangle it a bit with a few questions and observations. First, does the U.S. trade with Japan and England? Put another way, is it members of the U.S....

Anti-Free Trade Paradise

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, pandering to anti-trade activists, suggest that should they become president, they will restrict trade agreements. Before you buy into their promised paradise, there are a few trade questions you might...

Subsidized “Free Trade” Is Not Free Trade

For a small-scale corn farmer driven out of business in Mexico by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the fancy economic theories about the benefits of "free trade" might not seem too believable. As the theory of comparative advantage goes, we're all...

Free Trade vs. The Folly of Protectionism

Free Trade vs. The Folly of Protectionism

Protectionism fully implemented across all industries would mean a lower standard of living, because it would result in capital and labor unnecessarily being diverted into the production of goods that could more economically be produced elsewhere.

The Anti-Free Trader’s True Enemy

There's the "Free Trade but Fair Trade" crowd, and the "Level Playing Field" crowd, and the "America First" crowd, all calling for tariffs and other international trade restrictions. Their supposed adversary is corporate America, seeking to boost profits by either...

The Case for Free Trade

The Case for Free Trade

The fear of other people’s intelligence and ability applied to the production of goods we consume is not only profoundly wrong but also extremely dangerous.

Principles and Policy: Will Bush Trip Over Pears?

Once the Bush administration abandoned the principles of free trade by imposing punitive tariffs on imported steel, it was only a matter of time before other industries sought government redress for their own failure to compete successfully. Case in point: Pears....

Free Trade with a Slave State?

Q: Should a free country trade with people who live under a dictatorship (e.g. China, Cuba)? And, if not, should the government of the free country restrict such trade with dictatorships? A: If you enjoy living in a free country, then you benefit from that freedom...

Let There Be Free Trade

Leaders of 34 American countries are meeting this weekend in Quebec City at the Summit of the Americas to discuss the establishment of a free trade zone extending from Canada to Chile. A Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is a top priority of the Bush...

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