An Unnecessary Evil: How Canada Ended Up Insuring Bank Deposits

If Canada’s relatively “free” banking system was so stable, why did the Canadian government establish the Bank of Canada in 1935? And why did it establish a Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) some three decades later?

The Poetry of Work

“Poetry of work” is worth pursuing. It gives us purpose—and it gives us happiness.

Unmasking Inflation

The Fed’s fixation on consumer prices disguises the real inflation rate.

False Profits

Record profits are not the sign of a resilient economy but an inflationary effect of reckless money creation

Elon Musk, Person of the Year, Radicalized by Lockdowns

Elon Musk has turned into a true American, a resistor, a revolutionary. His influence in business and philosophical outlook offers a real path forward. He deserves every congratulations for refusing to go along with ruling-class ideology and instead demand that most essential thing, the freedom to trade, speak, run a business, and innovate without government interference. 

The Virtue of Business

Instead of disdain and condemnation, businesses and businesspeople deserve our gratitude.