How Government Regulation Makes Housing Unafforable

For a 1,000 square foot apartment—smaller than many cities allow without expensive variance permit processes—a developer would need to charge at least $2,750 per month just to break even.

Isn’t Zoning Necessary to Prevent Nuisances? (Part 2)

The proponents of zoning claim that such initiation of force is necessary against developers to prevent the occurrence of nuisances.A "nuisance" is defined as the effect from an activity on others which unreasonably interferes with another's lawful use of property, or...

The Evils of Zoning: Subjecting Landowners to Arbitrary Whim

Real estate developers have good reason to feel cannibalized when they attempt to develop something today.Building permits for their projects are often exceedingly difficult to secure, requiring thousands of dollars in architect's and attorney's fees, and months (if...