New “Stakeholder Capitalism” Means More Statism

How is the new stakeholderism different? Unlike the old stakeholderism, it is mandatory.

The Importance of Business Ethics

A new semester, and a new class of business ethics, has begun. In my class, we initially discuss concrete examples of ethical dilemmas in business before delving into the main moral codes and the values and principles they comprise, to learn how they provide guidance...

Business Improves Lives

It is the wealth creation by companies that has helped reduce poverty to its lowest levels in history.

The Gates-Buffet “Giving Pledge” is Immoral

The Giving Pledge is immoral because it is based on the idea that those who have legitimately created wealth by trading values with others have not earned it and must “give it back.”

Canada Nationalizes The Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Expansion

Instead of enforcing the Constitution and using its authority against the British Columbia government and protesters initiating physical force against Kinder Morgan property and its employees, Trudeau stayed true to what he said prior to the last election: “Governments might grant permits, but only communities can grant permission.”

Reject CEO Pay Caps and Minimum Wages

CEO pay caps and minimum wages are immoral because both curtail individual freedom by government force—yet, freedom is the fundamental requirement of human flourishing and prosperity.

Wealth Creation is Not a Zero Sum Game

Those producing and trading goods and services for profit are not taking anything away from others—the producers and traders are creating material values that would not exist without their productivity.

Right-To-Work is an Inalienable Right

While individuals have a right to organize, they do not have the right to violate other people’s rights, forcing them to join their organization.

Dealing With Bullies At Work

So how to deal with a workplace bully? The only effective way to do so is to apply appropriate moral principles: rationality, integrity and justice.

Video: John Allison on Principled Leadership

On July 21, 2011, Wake Forest University Schools of Business Distinguished Professor of Practice John Allison address the Master of Arts in Management Class of 2012. The retired chairman and CEO of BB&T discussed Principled Leadership with the incoming class of business students.