In Biden’s America Market Competition Means Government Control

George Orwell famously coined the term “newspeak” in his 1949 anti-utopian futuristic novel, 1984, in which commonsense words were reversed in their meaning. Biden’s latest executive order provides a modern illustration of “newspeak” in the 21st century.

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Persecution of Microsoft is Immoral

The government's persecution of Microsoft continues unabated. The U.S. appeals court is now considering whether the Bush administration and 19 states negotiated an adequate settlement in their antitrust case against Microsoft. It's time for the American public to...

Antitrust, Politics and the Media

On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission plans to vote on a new set of rules for media ownership. These rules dictate how many television stations can own, as well as cross-ownership of newspapers and television stations in the same market. The FCC's changes...

Death by Antitrust: Mountain Health Care, R.I.P.

Last Friday, Mountain Health Care of Asheville, North Carolina, will close its offices for good. The 11 year-old company died not from bankruptcy or poor business judgment, but of antitrust poisoning. More accurately, the United States Department of Justice executed...

How History Repeats Itself: The IBM Antitrust Case of 1972

Hear is an article I wrote back in 1972 about the IBM antitrust case. The parallels are remarkable. If you replace the then complainers such as CDC, Univac, Telex, etc. with Netscape, Sun, etc. the article would appear to be about current events. At that time, I also...

Microsoft’s Nose, Technology’s Face

When future policymakers want to understand the law and economics surrounding one of the most watched antitrust cases in history, they will look to "Microsoft, Antitrust and the New Economy," a recent compilation of essays published by the Milken Institute. The book's...

It’s Time for Congress to Re-evaluate Antitrust

The following written testimony was submitted to the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary for its hearings on the proposed Microsoft antitrust settlement. On behalf of the Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism, I respectfully submit my testimony to the US Senate...

AOL Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft

Instead of straightening out its business problems, AOL has decided to spend its time and effort filing lawsuits against tough competitors – a petty, distracting pursuit that won’t help AOL or, for that matter, the U.S. economy, which depends on firms like Microsoft for the innovation necessary to bring about a technology revival.

Activism in Defense of Microsoft

For over four years, CMDC and its supporters have been outspoken advocates against antitrust and the current antitrust case against Microsoft. Before us today is the last chance to tell the government regulators that Microsoft should be lauded, instead of punished for...

Barriers To Entry

How badly flawed are the concepts of freedom of entry, monopoly, and competition that underlie the theory and practice of antitrust.

How Microsoft Competes

Beside Bill Gates, what does Microsoft have that contributes to their success? The authors spent a couple of years trying to find out. Their conclusions: seven complementary strategies and a small set of basic principals of operation. First, find smart people who know...

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