Women’s Rights

Abortion Rights are Pro-Life

Abortion-rights advocates should not cede the terms “pro-life” and “right to life” to the anti-abortionists. It is a woman’s right to her life that gives her the right to terminate her pregnancy.

The Government’s Assault on Sexual Pleasure

Six woman recently file suite against the state of Alabama over a law it enacted last year regarding vibrators and other sex toys. The law states that selling or distributing "any obscene material or any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the...

Bad Ideas Equal Boring Sex

A recently released University of Chicago survey suggests that sex is among the last things on the minds of too many American couples. The study concluded that 31 percent of men and 43 percent of women regularly have no interest in sex--with boredom ranking as the...

Sex, Lies, Politics, and Clinton

Monica Lewinsky is reported to have testified before a grand jury that President Bill Clinton did have sexual relations with her.Given that Clinton lied in 1992 about having extramarital sex with Gennifer Flowers, in order to get elected, who can be surprised that he...

National Organization for Women, R.I.P.

National Organization for Women, R.I.P.

The National Organization for Women, RIP.This organization, AWOL on Paula Jones/Kathleen Willey/Monica Lewinsky/Dolly Kyle Browning, introduces a new and worthy target: Leonardo DiCaprio. That's right, the star of "Titanic." That Leonardo DiCaprio. See, a movie studio...

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