Women’s Rights

Abortion Rights are Pro-Life

Abortion-rights advocates should not cede the terms “pro-life” and “right to life” to the anti-abortionists. It is a woman’s right to her life that gives her the right to terminate her pregnancy.

What’s Holding Women Back in the Workplace?

Among the many reasons for gross disparities in many fields, and at different income levels, is that human beings differ in what they want to do, quite aside from any differences in what they are capable of doing, or what others permit them to do.

No Government Funding for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood should be defunded by the federal government. But not because of what the organization does. It should be defunded because government should not be forcing some citizens to pay for the reproductive needs of others. While birth control and abortion are, and should be, perfectly legal procedures which the government stays completely out of, the government has no business funding them.

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