Personal Liberty Sacrificed at the Altar of Covid Public Safety

If science had been followed in 2020 – in all fields – we’d be much healthier and wealthier than we now are. But control freaks have used Covid-19 to justify still more government controls, still more statism.

Politicians Not Letting The Coronavirus Crisis Go To Waste

Politicians Not Letting The Coronavirus Crisis Go To Waste

In normal times the government supports many bad, irresponsible, and unjust policies, driven in part by perverse incentives. Not the least of these is an imprudent eagerness to please special interests. Emergencies and the resulting panic only further loosen whatever weak restraints there normally are against government misbehavior and malfunction.

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A Proper Public Policy for Dealing with Hurricanes and Other Natural Diasters

The Katrina tragedy and the more recent experience of Hurricane Ike should call into question the so-called safety net composed of government policies that actually encourage people to embrace risks they would otherwise shun–to build in defiance of historically obvious dangers, secure in the knowledge that innocent others will be forced to share the costs when the worst happens.

True Deregulation for The Cable Industry

In an article on Ars Technica, a lobbyist for the cable industry is quoted as saying that deregulation allows vendors to innovate faster and is a pro-consumer move. The article's author, however, cries that past evidence shows that deregulation has always brought...

Hazardous Safety Regulation

Whenever someone is hurt in an accident, people say, "There ought to be a law!" Politicians rush to oblige them and then take credit for all the lives they saved. But shouldn't they also accept blame for the lives lost because of those laws? Lives lost? Yes. A joint...

Anti-‘Price-Gouging’ Regulation

With gasoline prices across the nation at $3 a gallon, one knows that American oil companies are easy targets for every regulator (and every potential regulator) in town. And when an oil-man-turned-president blames Americans for having an "energy addiction," it is...

The People Who Brought You the Weekend

Another bumpersticker for you: "The Labor Movement--The People Who Brought You the Weekend." Not quite. Improved working conditions don't happen because a compassionate President signs them into law. If any given law would harm significant sectors of the economy, no...

Airline Deregulation Revisited

Ever wondered how the whole airline fare system works? Why is it, for example, that the guy you sat next to on that flight to Schenectady got a fare that was half of what you paid? Why is it that fares booked a month out are cheaper than fares booked two weeks out,...

Capitalism and Job Safety

What is essential for safety is not bureaucratic regulation, but free, motivated human intelligence and judgment, which includes a consideration of the costs of achieving greater degrees of safety.

Superfluous Airport Safety Regulations

Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta, Czar Norman, has ordered new, ill-thought out, oppressive airline regulations in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. Among them: a ban on knives -- plastic or steel -- anywhere in the airport and on airplanes, even in...

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