The Coercive “Solution”

Do as I say, or else you will be fined or sent to prison.

Toward a Coasean Approach to Coastal Property Damage

In our evaluation of the conflict between industrial greenhouse gas emitters and coastal property owners—as in all others—economics serves as a complement to considerations of justice. And the Coasean approach affords us a valuable one.

Profit motive and private property—keys to preventing forest fire damage

While it is too late to prevent the damage in Fort McMurray now, the solution to minimizing losses from fires in the future is to sell the government forests and let private owners manage them for long-term profitability—by protecting their own property and respecting the property rights of others (through good property management to reduce the fire hazard).

Taxi Deregulation Is On a Roll

The taxi lobby had called for everyone to be equally regulated. Instead, the commissioners made everyone equally free.

Innovation vs. Regulation: Cutting Red Tape

America became the most innovative and prosperous nation in history because many Americans were adventurous, individualistic people willing to take big risks to discover things that might make life better.

Regulations Impede Rationality

Regulations force individuals to act contrary to their own judgment. This applies to both irrational and rational decisions.

Does Government Regulation Make Us Safe?

Proper protection of individual rights by government and private licensing and certification programs would make us safer (100% safety for fallible and mortal beings is impossible)—no regulations and government inspectors needed.

Selling Horse Meat as Beef: Buyer Beware, Too?

In my last article I wrote about stores selling products past their best before date—such as the expired canned lobster pate, which raised demands for legislation against selling expired food products in Canada. I argued that such legislation would be a violation of...

Consumer Protection: Regulation vs. Reputation

A Canadian woman recently bought a can of lobster pate at a Wal-Mart store. The pate was about a year and half past its best before date, and the woman claimed that she felt ill about four hours after consuming some of the pate. In this era of the nanny state, the...

Post-Sandy: A Man-Made Disaster

It is intolerable that their people be made to suffer the effects of disastrous legislation piled on top of a natural disaster and thereby needlessly enlarging and extending the effects of the natural disaster.

Building Safely without Government Building Codes

Most people accept building codes as a necessary government intervention. One Website states: Codes provide minimum standards for building construction in order to safeguard the public’s safety, health, and welfare. Another Website states: If we searched we could find...