Inconvenient Truths and Convenient Lies

Facebook’s vice president has admitted fact-checkers are not necessarily objective, and the company even acknowledged recently in a lawsuit that fact-check tags are “opinion,” not factual assertions.

Free Abortions vs. Abortion Freedom

If support for reproductive rights is so strong, why won’t Democrats run on a promise to pass legislation to make abortion unambiguously legal?

The Constitutional Protection of Intellectual Property

Both Founding Era sources and 19th-century court decisions, official statements, and commentaries confirm that intellectual property rights are property as a matter of basic legal doctrine and constitutional principle.

Mandate Vaccine?

Some want the medical police to force everyone to get vaccinated.

Supreme Court Grants Rare Win For Economic Freedom

In Cedar Point Nursery v Hassid, the Supreme Court ruled that allowing labor unions to enter private property with a permission slip from the government violates the actual owner’s right to exclude.

A Chance to Rein in Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is a violation of property rights that was wrongfully expanded by Kelo v. New London, but which could be reined in with a new case.