Intellectual Property

Patent Rights: Life, Liberty and Intellectual Property

The Founding Fathers’ moral achievement in securing patents and other intellectual property rights in U.S. law.

Why We Don’t Want to Import Weak Intellectual Property Systems

Why We Don’t Want to Import Weak Intellectual Property Systems

Trump has been a champion of protecting U.S. innovators from the theft of their inventions by foreign countries, such as China. However, his executive order takes the U.S. in the wrong direction. It would import not just foreign price controls, but also weaker foreign patent systems.

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The Legitimacy of Intellectual Property

Revolutionary technologies always disrupt society and one of America's biggest "digital age" disruptions is occurring in the area of intellectual property (IP). Indeed, the digital revolution has re-ignited a heated debate over whether intellectual property is even...

Liberal Conspiracy Theories: Bush and Enron

The U.N., the Trilateral Commission, the international conspiracy of Jewish bankers -- these are the conspiracy theories for which right-wing nuts are infamous. But what about the conspiracy theories of the left? I'm sure you have heard of them: the...

Conspiracy Theories

Q: What are your thoughts on assertions of a conspiracy by Republicans to steal the presidential election -- made by Democrats and the mainstream media? It seems "conspiracy theories" abound today, by both the left and the right. What's at the core of this mentality?...