Intellectual Property

Patent Rights: Life, Liberty and Intellectual Property

The Founding Fathers’ moral achievement in securing patents and other intellectual property rights in U.S. law.

Patents Are Property Rights

Patents Are Property Rights

Ayn Rand’s genius was to recognize that man’s mind is his basic means of survival, that production is the application of reason to the problem of survival, and thus that all property is logically intellectual property at root.

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Debates on Patent System Should Focus on Facts, Not Rhetoric

Weakening intellectual property laws due to negative policy rhetoric, hyperbolic internet commentary, and even extensive lobbying by firms who choose to infringe patents because they don’t want to pay the licenses offered to them by patent licensing firms is irresponsible.

The Broken Reporting Causing the “Broken Patent System” Hokum

The real problem with this “broken reporting” by Mr. Bilton and his ilk is that it is feeding a growing anti-patent frenzy among commentators, academics, and the public, who seem to think that your smart phones, tablets and other technological marvels just don’t exist because of a so-called “broken patent system” that has stymied software and other high-tech innovation at every turn.

Lessons from Singapore on Patents

While the United States continues to weaken its patent laws, Singapore is taking a different path.  Singapore has just announced that it is developing a plan to be an Intellectual Property Hub, according to  They believe that intellectual property...

Giving Back?

From President Bush’s 1000 points of light to President Obama’s biblical argument “aren’t we our brother’s keeper?” for government charity programs it appears everyone agrees that charity is good for our country and may even...

Great Again: Revitalizing America

This intriguing question and its implications for US economic policy are tackled in the groundbreaking book Great Again, by Henry R. Nothhaft with David Kline.  They answer the above query with a series of questions: Could a twenty-year-old college dropout,...

First-to-File: Is it Constitutional?

The following letter from a number of Law Professors deals with the Constitutionality of a First-to-File system as contemplated by the America Invents Act (H.R. 1249 and S. 23)  June 17, 2011 By Email Speaker John Boehner Office of the Speaker H-232 U.S. Capitol...

Mayo Clinic's Invention Theft Strategy

Mayo clinic’s management is pursuing a business strategy of efficient infringement – more commonly known as theft of other people’s inventions.  This immoral course of action is exemplified by Mayo’s involvement in two frivolous patent...

This Is CNN: Abusing Copyright Law To End Embarrassment

Tax Day this year was a great day for old-fashioned patriotism, but a bad day for television journalism--exemplified by CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen. When hundreds of thousands of protestors raised their voices in opposition to profligate government spending and high...

A Conspiracy Theory: Bush Contracts

See if you can guess which stock I'm talking about. This stock topped out in early January at 75. It steadily declined all year, hitting bottom at 49 on Aug. 12. After that, it rallied magnificently. On Monday it was trading at 65. Then something very strange...