Free Speech

Deplatforming Trump, “Private Censorship,” and Social Media “Monopolies”: Richard Epstein on Regulating “Big Tech”

There is no reason for government to regulate today’s “dominant” firms — Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon –as if they are true and invincible monopolists.

Voice of Capitalism

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Defending Free Speech for Businesses

An important aspect of the freedom to exercise reason is the freedom of speech: the liberty to express opinions and to persuade others, whether to advertise one’s products, to raise capital, to contract suppliers, or to recruit employees. Taking this freedom away also severely undermines companies’ ability to create material values.

Left-Wing Fascism in Germany

In Germany, it appears that all you need to do to land in jail is be accused by a judge of having a “clear right-wing background.” Has Germany learned nothing from its prior experiences with fascism?

Criticizing Islam and Free Speech

Lynch, who is the Attorney General of the United States, is advancing the idea that not merely actions, but thoughts, ideas and feelings can and must be against the law, and are worthy of prosecution.

Defending The Freedom of Speech and Association Requires Bravery

To truly support free speech, one has to accept that some people will say and publish things he finds deeply offensive. Similarly, to be for freedom of association, one has to accept that some people will associate in ways that he finds deeply offensive, such as associating or not associating on the basis of race, sex or religion.

Hush Rap

Is it possible to separate your feelings about someone’s music, art or ideas from your respect for their individual right to practice or otherwise engage in these things? To healthy and reasonable people, the answer is yes. If you’re the mayor of Chicago — not so...

Flag Burning and Freedom

“We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so we dilute the freedom that this cherished emblem represents.”

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