Abortion Rights are Pro-Life

Abortion-rights advocates should not cede the terms “pro-life” and “right to life” to the anti-abortionists. It is a woman’s right to her life that gives her the right to terminate her pregnancy.

The Right to Abortion as an Application of Individual Rights

Both sides in the abortion debate invoke the principle of “rights.” Anti-abortionists claim to uphold a “right to life”; Pro-choice advocates a woman’s “right to abortion.” Neither side holds a rigorously defined theory of rights.

Free Abortions vs. Abortion Freedom

If support for reproductive rights is so strong, why won’t Democrats run on a promise to pass legislation to make abortion unambiguously legal?

Abortion Rights Are Pro-life

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade 40 years ago, there is still no one defending the right to abortion in fundamental terms, which is why the pro-abortion rights forces are on the defensive. Abortion rights advocates should not cede the terms “pro-life” and “right to life” to the anti-abortionists.

Former President Jimmy Carter: Wrong on Abortion

Jimmy Carter wants his Christian ideology to be imposed on everyone, across the board. I oppose the religious right. But how is the religious left any better, or any different? Both support tyranny.

Abortion, Left and Right

This recent "debate" over abortion and government regulations shows the insanity of both the "left" and the "right" in today's society. The left consists of people who insist that a right to abortion includes the right to have it paid for -- including by people who...

Questions About Abortion

Abortion Opponent: I don’t believe abortion is moral. The fetus is a conscious, sentient individual. It enjoys the inalienable right to life just as all human beings do. Abortion should be illegal – because it’s murder. Dr. Hurd: A fetus is a...

Abortion and the Death of Dr. George Tiller

Police have announced an arrest in yesterday's murder of Wichita, Kansas, Dr. George Tiller. Apparently, the shooter is an anti-abortion Christian who approved of assassinating abortion doctors (sources: New York Times, Kansas City Star). If true, this is yet another...

Amendment 48 Is Anti-Life: Amendment 48 and Abortion (Part 4 of 6)

Amendment 48 would ban all abortion, except perhaps in cases of extreme risk to the mother’s life. As a result, the measure would cause permanent injury or death to some at-risk women. It would also force a woman to bring any pregnancy to term, regardless of her judgment about her best course in life.

Amendment 48 Is Anti-Life: Fertility Treatment and Medical Research (Part 3 of 6)

Amendment 48 would require dramatic changes to the treatment of fertilized eggs in laboratory settings, including fertility clinics and research facilities. Such changes further illustrate the harm Amendment 48 would inflict on real people as well as the absurdities that arise from granting legal rights to fertilized eggs.

A World Where Abortion is Murder

In the United States, just as in the Middle East, there are large numbers of people who believe that the cloak of religion and their claim to be inspired by the will of God entitles them to practice lunacy, in total disregard of the suffering and harm they cause to others.

Abortion is Not Murder

The “pro-life” movement is on a faith-based crusade to ban abortion no matter the consequences to actual human life.

The Virginia Military Institute and Abortion

The Virginia Military Institute (VMI) is a curious institution--it is both a military academy and a state-supported college. Its history draws back to before the US Civil War (future confederate general Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson served as a professor) and all of its...

Abortion and the Left: All the Rights But One

Last month marked the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion case which overturned a Texas ban on the procedure. To commemorate that anniversary, the well-known abortion rights group NARAL hosted a public event that...

Abortion Rights are Pro-Life

Thirty years after Roe V. Wade, no one defends the right to abortion in fundamental, moral terms, which is why the pro-abortion rights forces are on the defensive. Abortion-rights advocates should not cede the terms "pro-life" and "right to life" to the...

A Physician Comments on Abortion and the Morning After Pill

I was recently confronted in the Emergency Department with a situation I rarely encounter: a woman requesting "the morning after pill." Since I practice in a largely conservative state, for a few minutes I introspectively debated whether I should provide her with such...