The Illusion of Determinism: Sam Harris’ Aborted Attempt to Refute Free Will

Free will cannot be proven because it is the foundation of any proof of anything. It is determinism and not free will that is an illusion.

Philosophy and Journalism: Intrinsicism in Reporting

The [December 20, 2001] makes an interesting point which bears philosophical analysis. catches the New York Times labeling conservative groups, such as The Heritage Foundation, as being conservative, while liberal groups, such as...

Philosophy: The Frivolous Discipline?

The death of a distinguished scientist or a leading novelist usually attracts public attention. But the recent death of perhaps the most celebrated figure in academic philosophy--Harvard's Willard Van Orman Quine--attracted virtually none. This lack of reflection on...

Bill Gates and Altruism

Altruism survives, in part, on its undeserved reputation as a "kind, benevolent" morality. Those who believe this would be surprised at the critical response to Bill Gates' latest charitable offering, a $1 billion scholarship fund. It is a model of politically-correct...

Ayn Rand is Not Going to Go Away: A Letter By a Professor of Philosophy

Ayn Rand is Not Going to Go Away: A Letter By a Professor of Philosophy

Ayn Rand is not going to go away, and neither are her millions of admirers nor the increasing number of scholars now seriously investigating her work. To your readers I respectfully suggest: take a look for yourself. Your youthful admiration for Rand tapped into something good in your soul. It’s time to re-explore — on your own — both that spirit in yourself, and the voice that was given to that spirit by this immensely rich and rewarding author.

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