The Illusion of Determinism: Sam Harris’ Aborted Attempt to Refute Free Will

Free will cannot be proven because it is the foundation of any proof of anything. It is determinism and not free will that is an illusion.

What Selfishness Requires: Lessons from Volkswagen

Had VW executive grasped the principle of honesty and chosen to follow it, the company’s current mess–ruined reputation, a potential recall of 11 million cars, the cost of fixing them, compensating customers, potential lawsuits, paying fines—could have been avoided.

The Morality of Capitalism

Capitalism, in Ayn Rand’s definition, is “a social system based on the recognition of individual rights (including property rights) in which all property is privately owned.”

Envy vs. Achievement

Ayn Rand called envy “the hatred of the good for being the good.” Instead of hating and envying the good, let’s love and thank the good for being the good.

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