Steven Brockerman

Steven Brockerman, who has a Masters degree in English education, is the owner of WrittenWord Consulting, an education consulting company that contracts with businesses and colleges, develops 1-8 grade curriculum for the home education market and does contracted research. In addition, Mr. Brockerman has been an assistant editor of Capitalism Magazine and is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in the New York Post, Florida Today, Salt Lake City Tribune, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Bangkok Daily News, Tallahassee Democrat, Charlotte Capitalist, Mideast Newswire, Free Republic and Jerusalem Post, among others.

The Moral Thing to Do

The motive behind the attack by Mideast terrorist nations and their hired gun assassins—who flew planes they could not build into skyscrapers they could never erect to kill people whose virtue they could never equal—is quite simple and quite viciously evil. They...

Black Tuesday: Act of Crime or Act of War?

Some university professors have stated that Black Tuesday (911) "does not constitute an act of war against the United States." What that attack constitutes, instead, is aggression by terrorist criminals, not terrorist governments. These professors are not alone in...

Grammar: The Engineering of Cognition

Most people think of language primarily as a means of communication. But before one can communicate clearly, one must first think clearly. It is language that makes clear thinking possible. Language is the means by which one identifies and defines concepts clearly....


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