Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz is author of "In Defense of Selfishness: Why The Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive" which seeks to answer the fascinating and controversial question "What if the central idea we’re all taught about morality is wrong?" Visit his website at

War and Morality

The hallmark of our political leaders today is moral uncertainty--a quality that is shaping President Bush's shapeless policy toward Iraq. Despite his repeated assertions about the dangers posed by Saddam Hussein, Mr. Bush chose to embrace the appeasing resolution...

The Threat Of The Paternalistic State

A precondition of freedom is the recognition of the individual's capacity to make decisions for himself. If man were viewed as congenitally incapable of making rational choices, there would be no basis for the very concept of rights. Yet that is increasingly how our...

Man vs. Nature

For the first time in American history, the government is ordering the destruction of a dam--for environmental reasons. This July, Edwards Dam, a small hydroelectric facility on the Kennebec River in Augusta, Maine, will be torn down by the Federal Energy Regulatory...

Modern Feminism’s War on Objectivity

Modern feminism’s new message–a message demeaning to all rational, conscientious women — is that the female gender needs to be granted the unearned.

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