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Novak Djokovic in Vax Mandate Land

The Biden administration bans unvaccinated Novak Djokovic, who tests negative for covid-19, while welcoming vaccinated foreigners who are potentially positive for the virus. Welcome to the anti-science, anti-freedom fascist world of Vax Mandate Land.

Let Novak Play

Banning uninfected foreigners, like Novak Djokovic, from the US because they are unvaccinated is anti-science as vaccination does not stop the spread of covid-19, and anti-American as it violates the principles of individual freedom & choice that America was founded upon.

The Academy Awards Rewards Violence

The distinction evaded in the condemnation of Chris Rock’s joke and the apologetics for Will Smith’s act of violence is the difference between speech and physical force.

The Greatest Threat to Free Speech is Not Big-Tech Blocking, But Government Censorship

Real censorship is when the state uses its legal power to use force to determine the content of speech we should engage in (either by banning non-rights violating speech or forcing one to say things one would not do so voluntarily). If the state can arbitrarily determine what Twitter must post, it goes from being the protector of freedom of speech to its censor.

Why Vote Anti-Democrat This Election

The battle of 2020 is between the alternative of Republican populist-nationalism vs. Democratic racist-nihilism. Nationalism, in its present form, is a mix of deregulatory sugar and populist poison, but nihilism is suicide.

Bryan Adams is Not a Racist, But a Victim of “Social Justice”

Whether one agrees with Adam’s views on “wet markets,” the origin of COVID-19, or the benefits of veganism, the “social justice” attacks on Bryan Adams as a “racist” are misguided. Far from being a racist, Bryan Adams is a victim. Bryan Adam’s accusers owe him an apology.

Olympic Gold All Around Gymnast Paul Hamm: Only Human

After three out of six rotations in the Men's All-around Olympic Gymnastics, American gymnast Paul Hamm was ranked first place in the standings. His next event was the vault. Hamm's vault was to be a Tsukahara--named after Japanese gymnast Mitsuo Tsukahara. It was...

A Leftist ‘Indictment’ of Communist Cuba

In the opening few lines of Marc Cooper's editorial piece in the LA Weekly, he writes: "Have you ever imagined what it would be like living in a society where, say, a John Ashcroft would be unrestrained by the niceties of constitutional law? Where draconian...

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