Max Gulker

Max Gulker is an economist and writer who joined AIER in 2015. His research often focuses on free markets and technology, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the sharing economy, and internet commerce. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, especially on blockchain technology. Max’s research and writing also touch on other economic topics, including governance, competition, and small businesses. Max holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University and a BA in economics from the University of Michigan. Prior to AIER, Max spent time in the private sector, consulting with large technology and financial firms on antitrust and other litigation. Follow @maxgAIER.

Medical-Supply Nationalism vs Free-Market Capitalism

When there is a shortage of medical supplies, going out of our way through nationalism, mercantilism, and “protectionism” to make them more expensive will hurt people. Free-market capitalism and free-trade amongst nations is the rational solution.

How Trump Raised Your Taxes

How Trump Raised Your Taxes

The 2018 tariffs imposed by President Trump on imports from China and other countries had already resulted in the direct transfer of tens of billions of dollars from U.S. businesses to government coffers.

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