Marcus M. Witcher

Marcus M. Witcher is an Assistant Professor of History at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. He received his BA from the University of Central Arkansas in 2011, an MA from the University of Alabama in 2013, and completed his Ph.D. in history from UA in 2017. His first book, Getting Right with Reagan: The Struggle for True Conservatism, 1980-2016, was published by the University Press of Kansas in 2019. Dr. Witcher is also the co-editor of the three volume Public Choice Analyses of Economic History (2018, 2018, 2019) and is the co-editor of Conversations on Conservatism: Speeches from the Philadelphia Society (2021). He recently co-authored Black Liberation Through the Marketplace: Hope, Heartbreak, and the Promise of America with Rachel Ferguson.

The Heart of a Cheetah: How We Have Been Lied to About African Poverty — and What that Means for Human Flourishing

In contrast to those who believe that experts can engineer progress for Africa, Magatte Wade argues that what is needed is deregulation, entrepreneurship, and investment.

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