Leonard Peikoff

Dr. Leonard Peikoff, a philosopher, is Ayn Rand's legal and intellectual heir. He was a close associate of Ayn Rand for thirty years, and today is the preeminent spokesman for her philosophy of Objectivism. He is author of Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America, and The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West Are Going Out, (2012), that develops an hypothesis explaining the major trends in philosophy, literature, physics, education, and politics throughout Western history.

Abortion Rights are Pro-Life

Abortion-rights advocates should not cede the terms “pro-life” and “right to life” to the anti-abortionists. It is a woman’s right to her life that gives her the right to terminate her pregnancy.

What to Do about Terrorism

What to Do about Terrorism

Imagine the following situation: A roving homicidal maniac runs amok in your neighborhood, spraying bullets in all directions, killing your wife and wounding you. Frantically, you call the police. "This is terrible," they say. "We will take drastic new steps to...

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