Jordan McGillis

Jordan McGillis serves as the Deputy Director of Policy for the Institute for Energy Research.

The Lame-Duck Carbon Tax Lob

A carbon tax with a realistic possibility of being signed into law, would not be the revenue-neutral, regulation-busting efficient solution that libertarian and conservative tax advocates desire. The political forces on the left want no part of an even nominally market-based solution.

Toward a Coasean Approach to Coastal Property Damage

In our evaluation of the conflict between industrial greenhouse gas emitters and coastal property owners—as in all others—economics serves as a complement to considerations of justice. And the Coasean approach affords us a valuable one.

The Social Cost of Carbon: Considerations and Disagreements in Climate Economics

In performing cost-benefit analyses our government has a responsibility to present the fullest view to the public that is possible. In the context of climate change, that means exploring the social cost of carbon at a wide range of discount rates, on a diversity of time horizons, and showing both the domestic and the global consequences.

The D.C. Carbon Tax Comedy of Errors

What is critical, however, in rebutting the proposals is to parse the disparate, inchoate elements from one another, drawing attention to the ever-shifting justifications carbon tax advocates offer.

“Pittsburgh, Not Paris”

Donald Trump opened himself up to mockery with his “Pittsburgh, not Paris” remark, but the Paris Agreement’s supporters have very little to offer beyond the level of “gotcha” jabs.

Obama Peddles the “100% Renewable” Myth

By propagating the “100 percent renewable” myth, these companies—and politicians like President Obama—create a false public understanding of the viability of wind and solar energy.

Raking in Electric Car Subsidies

By slashing the effective price for an electric car, the federal government and the state of Colorado are enriching savvy and typically wealthy consumers at the expense of everyone else.

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