Jerome Huyler

Jerome Huyler has a PhD. in political science and is a retired assistant professor who taught courses in intellectual history, moral and political philosophy, and American political thought at Seton Hall Univesity. He is the author of Locke In America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era, and has recently completed a sequel entitled, The Tragedy of Our History: How the Patriot's America Became the Progressive's America. Dr. Huyler's website can be accessed at

Just One Breach

Ayn Rand held that moral principles must be adopted as absolutes and that a single compromise will subvert a principle, as such. This holds true for the actions taken by nations as well as by individuals.  The founder’s failure to faithfully abide by their own “self-evident” truths offers a perfect illustration of what follows from a single breach of fundamental and guiding principle.

Voice of Capitalism

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