Jaana Woiceshyn

Jaana Woiceshyn teaches business ethics and competitive strategy at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada. How to Be Profitable and Moral” is her first solo-authored book. Visit her website at profitableandmoral.com.

Business Execs Can’t Maximize Profits and Bash Capitalism

Business leaders and owners who think they can create profits regardless of the social system are evading facts. Profit maximization cannot be sustained in socialism or any other freedom-killing statist system toward which America seems headed today.

The False Ideal of Equity

The false standard of equity leads to bad outcomes for everyone. The standard should not be equity but justice.

“Sweatshops” are Good for the Planet—and People

Producing and consuming fast fashion and other sweatshop products is a win-win scenario for human flourishing: consumers get inexpensive products, workers and their employers prosper, working conditions improve and pollution diminishes, the planet gets greener, and the brands profit.

Art Gallery Demonstrates The Virtue of Independence

If there is a lesson to be learned from the economic lockdowns governments around the world started imposing on businesses in an attempt to contain the coronavirus pandemic, it is the importance of independence.

Christmas is About Enjoying Values Not Sacrificing Them

Those who feel guilt over material wealth and blame business for commercializing Christmas through ‘greedy’ profit seeking should pause and ask: “What is the standard of value by which we condemn material wealth and business?”

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