Jaana Woiceshyn

Jaana Woiceshyn teaches business ethics and competitive strategy at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada. How to Be Profitable and Moral” is her first solo-authored book. Visit her website at profitableandmoral.com.

Government Regulation Does Not Make us Safe—Capitalism Does

So which is more effective in keeping us—as customers and employees—safe: the government bureaucrat with no personal incentive, or the businessman, whose profits and reputation depend on the safety and satisfaction of his employees and customers?

The Virtue of Rational Egoism

For the majority of people, virtuous egoism is an oxymoron: they don’t think it is possible to be virtuous and pursue self-interest at the same time.

“Sustainable” Finance

Sustainable finance as imposed through government regulation harms human flourishing by violating the investors’ freedom to choose.

How To Be Profitable and Moral In 2020

Self-interest rests on what human flourishing requires: adhering to reality in one’s thinking and action by the means of observation and logic

Anti-Capitalist Green Reich Against Black Friday

Green totalitarianism is a real threat, and companies that appease and are willing to follow down that path—like the German companies who collaborated with the Nazis—are contributors to it.

Capitalism Benefits Everyone

Capitalism is not a system advantaging the wealthy. It is a system of competition, innovation, and wealth creation which leads to win-win outcomes and flourishing for all.


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