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Tyranny: An Essential Feature of Socialism

The power to seize control of industry, tax and redistribute the income of producers, control prices, inflate the money supply and stifle dissent by controlling the media, thwarting the ability to assemble or preventing the ability to flee the borders necessitates the threat of violence.

Offended Generation

The non-objectivity and relativism of post-modern philosophy has spawned an Offended Generation – a pathetic lot of fragile, whining imbeciles demanding a blue ribbon for existing and an Apology for being a victim of everything else that comes with it.

Obamacare’s Failure is Not Just a Technology Problem

Like public education, public housing, and public toilets, the government’s virtual takeover of the health insurance market is doomed to fail, because government intervention in the economy is always doomed to fail.

Celebrity Intellectuals

Michael Moore, Jim Carey, Bad Thinking, and Why “The Balance of Power is the Scale of Peace”

The Glorification of Violence

Gang wars, ethnic wars, religious wars, and now the “rampage”, are all tragic manifestations of the same root cause – the rejection of reason, individualism, and rational belief in the sanctity and inviolability of every human life.

Cult or Religion?

One of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism.

Modern Politics as Modern Art

The mere allegation that the one side is “playing politics” is like a catch-all smear to stop any opposition in its tracks.

Toyota’s Sin: Success

Remember the governments case against Microsoft? Well now Toyota has made the cardinal sin of succeeding too much in business and it appears it will meet with a similar fate.

Valentine Bouquets: Bad For The Planet?

It is only from the vantage point of someone who has a home and endless supply of food that you could actually even conceive of “enjoying” nature.

The Price of Capping Insurance Premiums

To the extent that the government simply “caps” premiums it will result in no insurance at all as it makes for an unprofitable bet for any insurance company.

Doctors Shrugging

Doctors should demand to work on their own terms and recognize they have a right to trade their services voluntarily in exchange for what the market will bear.


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