Don Watkins

Don Watkins has spent the last two decades championing liberty, whether through best-selling books like Free Market Revolution and Equal is Unfair, speaking to audiences across the United States, or working with individuals and companies to help them become better advocates for freedom. Visit his website and listen to his podcast Liberty Unlocked.

How to Move from an Entitlement State to a Free Market (Video)

How the left transformed America from an essentially free market into a regulatory entitlement state and discusses how supporters of capitalism can develop an even more persuasive moral narrative of our own.

Fleeting Freedom: The Indecent Assault on Broadcasters

Fleeting Freedom: The Indecent Assault on Broadcasters

The question is not whether fleeting expletives are indecent, an issue that individuals have a First Amendment right to decide for themselves. It’s whether the Constitution grants government the power to trample on freedom of speech, using non-objective laws to dictate what we can say and hear on the airwaves.

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